Healthy Community Alliance

Healthy Community Alliance of Delaware and Blackford Counties

Healthy Community Alliance of Delaware and Blackford Counties

The Healthy Community Alliance was formed by a cross section of community organizations and individuals who are concerned about the rising rates of chronic disease in Delaware and Blackford Counties. The Alliance consists of a steering committee, partner members, and workgroups focused on three priority areas plus a measurement and communication workgroup. The IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital Foundation serves as the backbone organization for the Alliance and provides facilitation, project management, website support and other resources for Alliance activities. The Alliance operates a website which offers detailed health status indicators about Delaware and Blackford Counties as well as access to promising practices and funding opportunities.

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A Healthier Place to Live, Learn, Work and Play

The Healthy Community Alliance of Delaware and Blackford Counties is seeking partners from local businesses, organizations and groups who wish to see our community become a healthier place to live, learn, work and play. Our goal is simple, but impossible to achieve without your help! We wish to improve the health of the population in our two-county area and lessen the impact of chronic disease.

We envision healthier community members with lower incidences of heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, cancer and other costly and debilitating afflictions.

A healthier community means our members live more active and productive lives! For business, this can translate into increased productivity and reduced healthcare costs, and makes our counties more attractive for new business growth.

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Collective Impact

The Healthy Community Alliance of Delaware and Blackford Counties is addressing these health needs by focusing on 3 areas:

Healthy Community Alliance partners share common goals and tactics within a collective impact model. The collective impact model works when all partner organizations engage audiences to encourage healthy behaviors in one or more of the 3 goal areas.

Businesses, churches, and other organizations all have audiences that are in position to hear consistent, unified messaging about ways to live a healthy lifestyle. Healthy Community Alliance partners will share a common vision, mutually reinforcing activities, and a shared measurement system to track progress over time. We invite you to read about some of the ways our Partners are influencing their audiences on the Healthy Community Alliance Website.

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Get Involved

There is no cost to join the Healthy Community Alliance of Delaware and Blackford Counties. To date, more than 115 Partners have joined and made a commitment to influence their audiences around one or more of the 3 focus areas: increasing physical activity, improving nutrition, and reducing tobacco use.

Partners participate in one or more of our three workgroups and share ideas and best practices related to ways to promote healthy lifestyles and choosing wisely. They also have access to free resources to distribute to their audience members such as our Healthy Weight and Active Living Toolkit, our 1-800 QUIT NOW tobacco toolkit, and media message materials for bulletin boards, newsletters and social media all intended to provide a collective impact in our communities.

To learn more information, please contact John Disher, 765-747-3915 or

You may also visit the Healthy Community Alliance website and download a Partner Agreement.